There Are Great Reasons To Buy A Used Chevy

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Automobile

Most used car buyers will tell you that the underlying reason is to save money and a considerable amount of it. Based on current studies the average price of a new car is in excess of $33,000 while the average price of a late model used car is just $20,000. If there ever has been a good reason to buy a used Chevy in Chicago this is it.

However, saving money is not the only reason people turn to used cars, let’s have a look at a couple of the most important reasons that are given by customers.

  • Reliability: A decade ago cars were not designed and built as they are today. Cars today are built to last; they are built using space age materials and high-tech manufacturing methods. It is a fact that cars manufactured today are simply better. As of today the average age of cars and light trucks on American roads is almost 12 years, by 2020 it is forecast that the average age will rise by 15 percent. It is clear to buyers that late model used cars last longer than at any time in the past; buyers can save a great deal of money and still anticipate many years of faithful service.
  • Favorable financing available: It still holds true that the interest rate on a loan for a new car purchase will be lower but, with the rates at historic lows car dealers are in a position to offer great terms to the buyers of late model used cars. Dealers are offering pre-approved financing at extremely attractive rates on terms as long as five years.

To top it off, when you buy a used Chevy in Chicago you often can end up driving a better equipped car than you would if you opted for a brand new model. Contact Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet to know more.

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