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Auto glass replacement in Silver Spring MD Does Not Have To Be A Hassle

A rock hits the windshield at 65 miles per hour. Fortunately, modern safety glass will not shatter. But it will crack, and beyond the issue of appearance there is safety. A bad enough crack and the windshield will have to be replaced.

Auto glass repair is a service which can be handled same day. In many cases, the repair in question involves only a chip or a small crack. Such a job is easily handled in about forty minutes with the injection of a clear resin compound which is then UV cured for hardening. Usually, there is no problem after this. The chip or crack is permanent, of course, but is now sealed and thereby prevented from widening any further. However, cracks which measure longer than one inch, or are located at the edges of the window or across the driver’s field of vision, are a different matter entirely. Those are the damages which can lead to failure of the windshield or window with a second impact, or are not repairable because of interference with the driver’s view of the road. In that case, the only option is replacement.

Beltway Auto & Plate Glass is one such service dealer for Auto glass in Silver Spring MD. They carry in stock or can have delivered to the shop replacement windshields, driver and passenger windows, rear glass, and mirrors for most contemporary makes and models of car. The vehicle can be brought to the shop, or mobile trucks can be dispatched out to the customer wherever he or she is stopped. The repairman will arrive on location within the hour. Once there, he will remove the cracked or broken window unit and put in its replacement. All necessary seals will be fitted tight for leakproof installation. Work guarantees ensure that any problems arising from a faulty installation will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, and the car’s window glass will be like new. And in addition to service on cars, the repair shop can also replace the glass for any make and model of motorcycle, bus, tractor, RV, commercial truck, construction vehicle or boat.

Be certain that the shop you call in for repair or replacement of Auto glass in Silver Spring MD is reliable, licensed and bonded, and can guarantee quality work. Beyond appearance sake, lives may very well depend upon it.