The 2022 Dodge Challenger: The R/T And SRT Trims

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Auto Dealer

The 2022 Dodge Challenger comes in five trims. Each of these is available in various sub-trims. While it may be less expensive to purchase the entry-level SXT with its V-6 engine, for those who want more power, the R/T trim is the ideal solution.

The R/T Trim

The Dodge Challenger R/T is a muscle car with serious power under its hood. With a Hemi V-8 engine, you can take on both the streets of Wichita KS and the winding roads of nearby highways. You can ride the roads in comfort listening to the technologically sound Uconnect infotainment system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration are standard in the R/T as well as in the SRT trim.

SRT Trim

For those who can afford a higher grade, the Challenger SRT introduces you to a world of upgrades. Among the major components affected are the engines and the brakes.

• Engine: Every SRT has the same V8 engine found in the R/T but with more power. This Hemi V-8 is supercharged. An SRT Hellcat has 717 horsepower.
• Brakes: Every Charger SRT is equipped with a high-performance Brembo Brake system. These ensure you can brake rapidly and safely.

R/T or SRT

If you are looking to go beyond the base trim of the 2022 Dodge Charger in Wichita KS, consider the R/T or the SRT as viable options. The SRT has a more powerful engine and extra options. It also costs more than the R/T. Overall, it depends upon your budget and whether you want all the bells and whistles.

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