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What Does Every Auto Owner Need to Know About BMW Service in Chicago

BMW Service Chicago

Do you need help with your BMW service in Chicago? These expert technicians possess the know-how to work on almost any make or model. For the past 20 years, they have delivered consistent results to Chicagoland. Furthermore, their 3-year parts guarantee is like getting peace of mind served on a platter.

Essential German Car Maintenance Tips

The following essential German car maintenance tips will help you take care of your ride. A German car is something to be proud of, but you must maintain it properly. Otherwise, it could break down, degrade, and deteriorate, affecting resale value.

Check the Battery

A car battery is particularly sensitive to weather, so it requires preventative care. Double-check the battery terminals’ connections and make sure they are screwed shut tightly. While tightening them, inspect them for signs of corrosion or wear and tear.

You should also check the battery’s age, usually printed on its label. If you are driving a German car, chances are you are using a Gel AGM battery, and those last five to seven years. However, drivers will receive a minimum alert before a battery dies of old age.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Generally, you should replace your oil every 3,000 miles if you are using conventional. In many cases, BMW drivers choose synthetic, and you can drive on it for about 7,000 miles before replacement.

Check Your Tires

Quality tires shield your car’s frame from the road. Many German autos utilize a tilted camber to fine-tune the car’s handling. Makes sure your tires are inflated, and have a shop check your car’s alignment.

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