Neglecting Oil Changes in East Lansing, MI Can Destroy A Car

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Auto Repair

Preventative maintenance can make all the difference in the world for a vehicle. It can help to ensure that a vehicle lasts a long time while not having many major problems. When it comes to preventative maintenance, Oil Changes in East Lansing MI might be considered the most important. After all, oil changes deal directly with a car’s engine. If the engine fails, the vehicle isn’t going to function. Dealing with an engine after it suffers a catastrophic failure can cost a person thousands of dollars, but oil changes cost well under $100.

Why do car owners forget about Oil Changes in East Lansing MI? It’s easy to see how a person can overlook getting their car’s oil changed. Even if the oil isn’t changed, a vehicle might not show any ill effects for years. The engine’s failure can happen quite suddenly. So, during the time that an engine isn’t getting oil changes, a driver might not notice anything wrong. Fortunately, an oil warning light on the dashboard might illuminate to remind a driver that the car has a problem with its oil. Without an oil change, oil levels can get too low.

Oil changes are something that a number of people do themselves. The process of changing oil is fairly simple. In order to change the oil, the old oil has to be drained first. Filters are changed while new oil is poured into the vehicle. A person has to be able to get underneath their vehicle, and some car owners just aren’t comfortable having to do that. Also, the job can be messy. Although it costs a little more money, it’s just easier to visit a place like Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service to get a car’s oil changed. Professionals also make sure that the right type of oil is being used for the vehicle.

When should a vehicle’s oil be changed? The need for oil changes will vary from vehicle to vehicle. It’s best for owners to follow the directions of the manufacturers. Getting oil changes when a vehicle doesn’t need them is just an unnecessary waste of money and won’t help the car.

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