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The Upfitting Factor With Corporate Fleet Services

Whether you are buying new vehicles of upfitting vehicles in your fleet, the top corporate fleet services can save you time and money. Without the use of these specialized services, the in-house fleet management team is often tasked with taking on huge projects or relatively small projects that can take a lot of time and effort to coordinate and oversee.

Cost Savings

When working with a company that offers corporate fleet services using a strategic management approach, upfitting can be calculated into all aspects of the process. This can include the best options in new vehicle acquisition to reduce the initial price as well as more efficiency when operating the vehicle.

Additionally, by strategically planning your upfitting or upgrading programs, your fleet management service will become an invaluable asset. They often have options to save you both time and money that would not be possible without their network of vendors.

Understanding Your Needs

Allowing the corporate fleet services provider to manage your upfitting and upgrading will result in your delivery or work trucks, vans, and equipment being configured to your exact specifications. This is all done without the hours of negotiation in and discussions with vendors you will have experienced in the past.

With the fleet management team handling the project, there is also the added benefit of not being pressured into upsells for equipment and upgrades you don’t need. Often in-house fleet managers fall into the trap of being caught up in these extra features that often provide very little in the way of an actual benefit for drivers and employees.

Finally, with a top fleet management service handing the upfitting, disruptions in work schedules and available vehicles can be eliminated. These companies can provide a vehicle as needed, or schedule the services to correspond with downtimes in business, limiting or eliminating the risk of losing out on income while vehicles are in the shop.