An Overview Of The New Subaru Legacy In Mokena

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Automotive

New vehicles are usually preferred by those who want a different car. They can be more expensive, but you also get the peace of mind knowing that they have the latest technology and best safety features. Likewise, they haven’t been in an accident, and you have a warranty in case something happens within the first few years. Therefore, it also makes sense that you pick a Subaru Legacy in Mokena, one of the most dependable vehicles on the planet. While it may not be a top seller, it has CVT, excellent fuel economy, and safety features galore.

What’s New?

While they didn’t change the styling of the sedan, it now has a better steering system. Limited trims also have a slightly firmer suspension system, as well as Lane-Keep-Assist and EyeSight safety systems.

Smooth Engine

While the base engine is a four-cylinder, it still has a smooth performance. The 2.5-liter engine produces 174 pound-feet of torque and 175 horsepower. While it may not be the fastest car on the market, it will have no trouble keeping up with traffic on the highway or in built-up areas.


While the four-cylinder is considered standard, the new Legacy in Mokena can also come with a larger engine. The six-cylinder offers 247 pound-feet of torque and 256 horsepower. Because of the extra power, this model is fun to drive, and you’ll have no trouble merging with the peppy performances.


The Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) is standard with both engines. Your transmission won’t feel unresponsive or lazy ever, but you’ll also save money on gasoline. The 4-cyl rates at 36 miles per gallon while the V-6 can manage 29 MPG on the highway.

The new Subaru Legacy in Mokena is an excellent car for people who want safety and sophistication. Choose Hawk Subaru now visit to get the latest specials today.

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