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Benefits Of A Truck Lift Gate

One of the unsung heroes of the shipping and freight industry is the Truck Lift Gate. While seemingly an innocuous component of the truck, it is a boon to both employees and customers alike. Here are some of the benefits that lift gates provide.

  • Lift gates allow the shipping company to deliver merchandise that is extraordinarily heavy without the need for storing additional equipment in the back of the truck. This means more money for the trucking company as more merchandise can be loaded into the truck for a bigger profit margin per delivered load.
  • Using a truck lift gate virtually eliminates workman’s comp claims due to lifting issues. The heavy load is simply delivered onto the Truck Lift Gate using a forklift or other warehouse-specific vehicle, and the liftgate raises the load to be then moved into the trailer of the truck.
  • Customers are more apt to order heavy and over-sized loads when they know they will not have to unload the merchandise themselves. This means more orders that need to be delivered, which translates into more money for the freight company. It is a win/win situation.
  • Insurance claims are also reduced when lift gates are used on a regular basis. Any package weighing over 150 lbs results in an increased risk of the package being mishandled, dropped, or being loaded/unloaded incorrectly. This is directly tied to merchandise being damaged or broken.
  • Lift gates can be designed and built to match any truck specifications that can be imagined. This means that no matter what kind of truck is being used, there will be a lift gate that can be installed and used.

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