Potential Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair in Austin, TX

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Automotive

It used to be that you’d have to take a car into the shop to have a dent fixed, and after the dent was fixed, the car would need to be repainted. This is not always the case anymore. Sometimes, with minor damage, it’s possible to get Paintless Dent Repair in Austin TX. There are a number of advantages to this process.

May Not Need to Visit the Shop

Because only small tools are needed for this type of dent repair and the repair is noninvasive, it is sometimes possible to find a professional that can come to you, much like many window replacement services. This means that your car doesn’t need to be in the shop for any length of time, making Paintless Dent Repair in Austin TX much more convenient than conventional dent repair. The process involves getting specialized tools behind the panel and gradually working the dent smooth.

Often Less Expensive

The process of paintless dent removal is much simpler and less involved than the conventional dent removal process, which has led to many shops charging less for this service, making it possible to get your car looking more pristine and dent-free at a much lower cost than it would have before the advent of this newer technique. It typically costs no more than $500.

Types of Dents

Unfortunately, this procedure can’t be used on all types of dents. For example, it doesn’t always work if the dent is too close to the seam, the edge of the panel, or if the dent or gouge is too deep. It also isn’t a feasible alternative if the part with the dent isn’t made of metal. In these cases, a more conventional dent removal process, including repainting, will be necessary to get rid of the dent. Finally, if the paint is already damaged, the mechanic won’t be able to get the car looking like new without repainting.

Click here for more information on paintless dent repair. Schedule an appointment at your convenience. Limons Paint & Body can also handle more serious dents that require repainting the car if this is necessary.

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