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Volkswagen Dealer in Albuquerque, NM Gives Tips on Driving Safely

Modern technology has made cars safer to drive. However, this doesn’t mean that drivers shouldn’t pay attention when it comes to driving. According to statistics, there are six million car accidents per year in the US alone, with reckless driving being one of the leading causes. This is the reason why a Volkswagen dealership in Albuquerque, NM says that defensive driving needs to be a top priority among drivers.   

The key to defensive driving is total awareness of your surroundings. According to a Volkswagen dealer in Albuquerque, NM, even the simplest thing can be a distraction (i.e. changing radio stations while driving). While these tips might appear common and too obvious, it never hurts to be reminded just the same.

Keep your eyes moving

Keeping your eyes focused on the road is the number one rule in driving. However, you need to remember to also check your mirrors often. Glancing at your mirrors will make you aware of what’s happening beside and behind you. Scanning the surroundings can give you a safe, defensible distance against other vehicles, minimizing the probability of an accident. It will also help you anticipate your next move if ever another car shows signs of aggressive driving.

Be aware of your blindspots

No matter how you adjust your side mirrors, there will always be a blind spot. For this reason, it is not enough to depend on your mirrors when changing lanes. Sometimes, you need to physically (and quickly) turn your head to see if there is an oncoming vehicle or not. Also, when you are driving, do not linger on another driver’s blind spot.

Do not depend your safety on other drivers

Never assume that the other driver will be as courteous or as law-abiding as you are on the road. Though it may sound negative, it is far better to assume the worst that can happen. For example, if you are planning to change lanes, do not assume that the other driver will allow you to merge without event. For all you know, the other driver might be a hot-headed fellow who doesn’t like being cut. Learn to anticipate the worst-case scenario so that you can plan your movements ahead of time.

Minimize the source of distractions

Eating and drinking while driving seems like a harmless thing to do, but that actually increases the probability of getting into an accident. If you are hungry, make sure to park or visit a nearby restaurant and eat first before returning to drive. The same goes with using mobile devices. As much as possible, keep your focus on driving. You can do the other things like calling or texting later when you are safely parked.

Even in car parks, drive defensively

Some accidents happen because the driver did not see somebody (usually a child) walking behind their vehicle as they back up. Just because you are driving to park the car does not mean that you can relax. Keep your eyes wide open, drive slow, and be prepared to hit the brakes if necessary.

Always remember, drivers need to share the road with everyone. Though you cannot control how other drivers and pedestrians will react to a certain situation, you can always control yours. For more defensive driving tips, check out Fiesta Volkswagen dealer in Albuquerque, NM.