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Used Cars for Sale in Columbia SC – How to Max Out Your Trade-in

If you want to buy a late-model car, you’ll want to check out used cars for sale in Columbia SC. The best local dealers offer wide selections of certified vehicles and some of the lowest prices in South Carolina. However, you may have one problem, your old car. You want to trade it in, but you don’t want to just give it away, so what can you do? The top dealers give you the chance to max out your trade-in and here is how it works.

Trade Appraisal Inquiry

Did you know you can get detailed information about your trade-in and not have to leave the comfort of home? Visit the website of a local dealer offering used cars for sale in Columbia SC and online trade appraisal inquiries. You’ll find a form to fill out. Make sure to fill in all the required information about your car. Be sure to include all the options that the car has.

You can also add comments about the vehicle. For example, maybe the tires are new, or you have added some options. This can affect your trade-in value. When you are finished, submit the form.


You’ll hear back from the dealership soon. They may ask for photos or additional information. If you have detailed maintenance records, this can help too. After they have the info they need, they will give you a trade-in estimate. You can also request to have your car appraised at the dealer.

Getting More for Your Car

Before you shop used cars for sale in Columbia SC, you will know how much you’ll receive for your trade-in. By submitting an online trade-in inquiry, you can include as much info about your car as you want to. Your dealer works with you to give you the most money for your car.