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Factors Affecting the Speed and Advisability of Auto Glass Chip Repair

A windshield getting dinged by a stone on the road is a common occurrence, and sometimes that impact leads to a star-shaped chip or one shaped like a bulls-eye. Fast Auto Glass Chip Repair often can prevent a chip from turning into a crack. The best solution is to have the ding filled by a professional technician as soon as possible, and preferably the same day.

The Repair Process

Essentially, a technician uses a specialized resin glue to fill the chip and prevent it from getting larger and cracks from developing. Even if a small crack radiates out from the impact area, technicians often can stop it from traveling further with this technique. They must thoroughly clean the chip and crack before beginning the application of resin, as dirt can compromise the efforts.

Required Conditions

Mobile Auto Glass Chip Repair can be done if conditions are right. The work cannot be performed outside when it’s raining or during high winds that are kicking up dust. The glass must be clean and dry. Moisture inside a chip or crack adds pressure and will prevent the resin from drying properly. In the shop, technicians may use drying equipment to eliminate moisture. The repair work usually takes about half an hour to finish, although highway driving is not recommended for another hour or two until the glue dries thoroughly.

While the vehicle is waiting for a technician from a company such as Auto Glass Factory, it should be kept out of the hot sun if at all possible. Using the resin works best under moderate temperature conditions, and excessive heat can cause a crack in a windshield that has already been stressed by minor damage.

Repair Considerations

Cracks are radiating inward from the windshield edges typically cannot be repaired. Safety is compromised when there is damage in that area. If the vehicle ever rolls over, the windshield frame most likely would collapse. In addition, if the stone landed right in front of the driver and the ding interferes with visibility, the windshield should be replaced. Anyone needing windshield service may see the website for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.