The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes in Davenport IA?

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Automotive

Waiting too long to change your vehicle’s oil may result in serious but avoidable damage. Oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle, and it should be changed regularly to ensure smooth operation and reduce the need for repairs. Read on to learn why you should schedule an oil change near Davenport, IA.

Better Engine Performance

There’s nothing like fresh motor oil to help an engine reach its highest performance. Engines are made of thousands of parts, most of which move at very high speeds. All that movement creates friction, which in turn makes heat. With regular oil changes, these parts will stay lubricated, and less heat will be produced—which will help your engine last longer and perform better.

Reducing Harmful Emissions

Are you doing enough to protect the environment? Scheduling an oil change near Davenport, IA, will help you live a little greener. Infrequent oil changes lead to old and dirty oil, which creates more air pollution. Regular oil changes, however, will make your car more eco-friendly, as fewer emissions will be produced.

Improved Fuel Economy

Regularly scheduled oil changes are good for your vehicle’s engine and your bank account. Better fuel mileage is a lesser-known benefit of frequent oil changes. The friction caused by old and dirty oil will slow down an engine, resulting in more frequent fuel stops. With a properly lubricated engine, every gallon of gas will get you further.

Don’t Forget to Get Your Oil Changed

Oil is crucial to a vehicle’s smooth and efficient operation. Most service providers will put a sticker on your inner windshield to remind you when it’s time for an oil change. To avoid the problems created by old oil, be sure to bring your vehicle in on time!

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