Gas-Saving Tips When Using Your Car or a Car Rental in Covington, LA

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Autos

With gas prices skyrocketing, you’re probably thinking of minimizing your travels. But if your day-to-day activity involves driving long distances, then you know that’s not the best solution. Whether you are driving your own vehicle, using public transport, or are using a car rental in Covington, LA, you will feel the impact of the price hike in your pocket. Fortunately, there are easy ways to save on fuel during this time of skyrocketing gas prices.

Slow Down a Bit

If you are the type that always goes full throttle, know that this will not be good for your wallet no matter how quickly you think you can reach your destination. Just remember that your car burns more gas when it’s accelerating faster than normal. Same goes when it’s decelerating. When you are coming in hot, you tend to need more brake power to come to a full stop, and that expends extra fuel, too.

Cut Down On Drag and Weight

Load affects your vehicle’s fuel consumption. The more stuff you put in your car, the more power it needs to move at your desired speed. Remember that your car itself already weighs at least 1.3 tons. The reason some car buyers prefer small models is that their light weight makes them fuel-efficient. If you’ve used a car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before, you’ve probably been told not to put cargo on the hood for the same reason. So, while gas prices are off the charts, try to keep your car as light as possible. Avoid mounting items you don’t need on the roof of your car, too, to reduce air resistance.

Not Too Thick, Not Too Thin

We all know that car engines need motor oil to work smoothly. But did you know that some types of motor oil are thicker than others and the thickness of oil affects the engine’s performance? If you put motor oil that’s thicker than recommended, it will take more energy to keep the engine churning. On the other hand, if you use motor oil that is too thin, the engine might run dry and heat up fast. Always use motor oil with the recommended viscosity to make the most of your car engine’s power.

The Right Tire Pressure

Apart from roof-mounted loads, improperly inflated tires are a major cause of drag. With a larger surface area of the tires touching the road, more friction is made at every revolution. That adds pressure to the engine, resulting in greater fuel consumption. The same thing happens when the tires are overinflated. More energy is exerted to counter the extra vibration the tires make as they roll on jagged terrains. So, before hitting the road, make sure your tires are properly inflated.

To experienced drivers, these tips aren’t a secret. But considering that the increase in gas prices we are experiencing is record-breaking, no one is really prepared for the consequences. These tips may help lessen the burden at the very least. Consider having your car tuned up to ensure nothing is adding to the drag or unnecessarily expending fuel. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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