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Signs a Vehicle Needs Cluster Repairs in Tucson, AZ

Owning a vehicle comes with an implicit responsibility for keeping it in safe driving condition. Most drivers realize that this includes checking the tire pressure and fluids regularly, having oil changes performed, and ensuring that brake lights, turn signals, and other signal lights are all in functioning order. Some, however, don’t realize that making sure their dashboard gauges, also known as instrument clusters, are registering information properly is also quite important to vehicle safety. Depending on the vehicle in question, the cluster may include the speedometer, oil and temperature gauges, tachometer, odometer, and warning lights.

Below are a few easy to recognize signs that a vehicle needs Cluster Repairs in Tucson AZ, which should be performed by an experienced repair technician with access to calibration tools and other specialized equipment.

Erratic or Sticking Gauges

If all of the gauges are registering constantly at the lower end of their spectrum, it’s pretty obvious that something is wrong. However, if they are operating erratically, the need for repairs may be less obvious at first. When this is the case, it is still an indication that the cluster is not registering information properly, which can lead to incorrect speed and temperature readings that can endanger both drivers and their vehicles.

Inoperative Displays

It may not seem like a big deal if a digital odometer has stopped working. Chances are the underlying mechanical components are, and only the display needs to be replaced. It’s easy enough to drive without an odometer, but it can be extremely inconvenient when attempting to follow directions, and will certainly need to be repaired prior to selling the vehicle. It may also indicate other display issues that may be less obvious and more dangerous to the vehicle’s health, so it’s worth getting it checked out.

Faulty Illumination

If all of the gauges are registering properly, but the back-lights do not operate at night, it can be a severe impediment to safe driving. It’s important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Cluster repairs are typically not very expensive and do not require drivers to be without their vehicles for long periods of time, so there’s no reason to delay in getting them. Check out Dick’s Speed-O-Tach for more information about Cluster Repairs in Tucson AZ and the experienced mechanics that can help get cars back on the road safely.