What To Look For In A Torque Converter Parts Supplier

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Automotive

If you work in the auto industry or hang around those who do, you’ve probably heard the topic of the torque converter come up frequently, with complaints about how to find a parts supplier that is of high quality. Talking to shop owners and those who rebuild or sell equipment will help you determine that there is a lot of disparity with aftermarket converters, primarily in regards to quality. They may reuse worn parts, not clean the unit before assembling, or have parts that are just painted to look like new. Therefore, it may be tough to find a supplier that you trust, but not impossible.

Produce Excellent Grade Products

The first step is to find torque converter parts suppliers that provide the best products possible every single time. While complications may arise and substandard parts may be possible, they should work hard to produce the best. This means using the best materials and supplies, working with manufacturers who have proven themselves to be excellent, and more.


The next step is to find someone who will ship you the parts. While shipping may not seem important, you don’t want to spend a lot on handling fees. Likewise, you want to ensure the product’s safety while it is in transit so that it arrives in mint condition.

Stand By Them

A good torque converter parts supplier should stand by the products that they make or sell. If you have a problem, however small or large, they should either issue a refund, replace the defective part, or otherwise, make things right.

Keep Them

Once you’ve found someone who works hard to give the best, offers reasonable shipping rates and stands by their products with guarantees or warranties, do whatever it takes to keep them in your network.

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