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Riding in Fort Lauderdale: How to Look Like a Real Harley Motorcycle Rider

You are thinking of renting a Davidson, which is the reason you are looking at Fort Lauderdale Harley rentals. This is a good idea, but you also want to get the most out of it. One thing you should do is look like a real rider, and the following tips are meant to help.

Vintage Leather
There is a code out there among Harley riders, and you’ll get a taste of it if you don’t look the part. One way to look the part is to make sure your leather is distressed. Go into a vintage store and find worn leather jackets and gloves that will help you look like you’ve been riding for a long time. It’s going to look good, so make sure you make time for a picture or two.

Stick With Black
Make sure you make an effort to wear black shirts, black belts, black leather jackets, gloves, and boots. Sure, some bikers do opt for dark brown every now and then, but black is a safe color that sells the idea that you’ve been riding for some time. Harley motorcycles have a commanding look, and it is always best to look the part, even if you have to wear a color you don’t normally wear. This will ensure you are ready to ride out of a Fort Lauderdale Harley rentals establishment.

Hold the Hair
Bikers won’t be riding around with their hair all over the place. Hair is going to get in your face at some point, and that’s dangerous. Those with long hair will need to wear a bandana, do-rag, beanie, or something that will stay in place while you are riding on your Harley.

RMM Motorcycle Rentals – West Palm Beach has all the bikes you may want, so go ahead and visit to see some of the models you can rent. Choose something you are comfortable with so that adjusting to it won’t take too long.