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Review of the 2016 Kia Soul EV Wagon

In 2015, the Soul EV joined the still-expanding industry of conventional economy vehicles that were converted to electric powertrains. As such conversions go, the Kia Soul EV is off to a great start, with a lengthy list of standard equipment, stylish exterior, as well as hatchback versatility. In short, the Soul EV for 2016 is blessed with solid fundamentals; however, Kia also has done an amazing job with the EV part. The result is a completely competitive product that has an EPA-estimated 93 mile drive range.

The impressive range is mainly a function of its 27 kilowatt-hour polymer, lithium-ion battery, which receives its juice from one of two charge ports hidden behind a sliding panel inside its grille. The AC port will accept either household grade 120 V current (that requires 24 hours for a complete recharge) or 240 V current (five hours), whereas the special DC port’s 480 V current offers an 80% charge from empty within a claimed thirty-three minutes. The 480 V power sources, of course, do not exactly grow on trees; however, the brand has equipped a variety of its EV dealerships within New Jersey with DC charging stations, which enable owners of Soul EV to go on an extended road trip with minimal downtime. In addition, Kia has partnered with PlugShare to help in locating the closest charger, and the Greenlots charge station network in order to facilitate extended distance travel.

The Kia Soul Electric Vehicle for 2016 is a top rated contender amongst affordably priced EVs and Kia Cars for Sale in NJ, boasting solid electric vehicle credentials, spacious hatchback cargo area, and distinctive styling.


Generously equipped; more range and cargo ability than most electric vehicles; ample interior space; attractively appointed cabin.


Excessive wind noise at highway speeds; just available in certain states.

What is New for 2016?

Introduced in 2015, the Soul receives only small changes for this year. There is the EV-e, a new trim level, and new option package for their Soul EV+ which features a panoramic sunroof.