Reliable Auto Gauge Repairs in Phoenix, AZ for More Accurate Readings

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Automotive

Although many drivers ignore their auto gauges, these valuable instruments often provide the first indication of vehicle problems. From a low fuel reading to a high water temperature, effective gauges alert the driver to a number of potential issues, including the threat of running out of fuel or an overheated engine. Unfortunately, a temperature gauge can experience malfunctions due to a bad connection, sending unit fatigue, or rust that typically occurs in older automobiles.

When car owners realize the problem is related to the gauge instead of vehicle performance, some disregard the warning and fail to schedule an appointment for repairs. Taking this approach may eventually result in additional costs and major damage to the vehicle. Scheduling a prompt appointment for Auto Gauge Repairs in Phoenix AZ is the smart, safe way to ensure a car is functioning correctly.

Tachometers Warn Drivers of Severe Engine Damage Potential

A tachometer alerts the driver to engine speed in thousands of revolutions per minute. It is a vital indicator of engine performance because it displays optimal shifting points, engine RPM, and maximum engine RPM. If the indicator needle moves into the red zone, the maximum engine RPM has been exceeded. Continuing to drive the vehicle can result in major engine damage. Keeping the engine speeds at moderate levels results in better fuel efficiency for drivers and less wear on the engine.

Importance of an Oil Pressure Gauge

An oil pressure gauge tracks the overall health of a car engine. Regularly monitoring this instrument gives the vehicle owner an early or advanced warning of potential problems before a major breakdown occurs. While modern vehicles contain electric gauges, some vintage cars may still have a mechanical oil pressure gauge. These older instruments are known for their accuracy but include a line connected to the gauge that may come undone or suffer damage. A company that specializes in Auto Gauge Repairs in Phoenix AZ is equipped to handle problems in both modern and older vehicles.

For further details or to schedule an appointment for repairs, contact Dick’s Speed-O-Tach. They have the knowledge and expertise to repair a variety of auto gauges, speedometers, and tachometers on both new and older vehicles.

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