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by | Nov 17, 2016 | Automotive

Vehicles have many safety features to help protect the occupants inside of them. Keeping these features well maintained and functioning, properly is important, especially when it comes to the windows of the vehicle. A vehicle’s windows protect its occupants from more than just the wind outside the vehicle; they also protect them from debris and weather. A windshield, for instance, is one of the largest windows in a vehicle and protects the driver and occupants from anything flying at them in front of the vehicle, including dangerous small objects. This is why it is important for Westbury area drivers to ensure their vehicle’s windows are well taken care of and replaced when they become cracked or damaged.

When a windshield becomes cracked, it can be dangerous to drive with due to distraction. A single crack can often be mild to drive with, causing little or no distraction to the driver, but when that crack starts to spiderweb out due to damage it becomes more dangerous. A large crack or spiderweb crack can cause the distraction to the driver and block line of sight. This can cause them to miss oncoming traffic from that direction, or pedestrians were walking into the way of the vehicle. In most states, a vehicle will not be able to pass state safety inspection with a cracked of shattered windshield that causes blind spots when driving. It will need the windshield replaced by a company that replaces Auto Glass in Westbury beforehand.

When replacing a windshield, the company will remove the original Auto Glass in Westbury by prying the seal off around the windshield first. Once this is done, they may use a heating tool like a hair dryer to soften the glue around the windshield before lifting it out of the vehicle. The cavity for the windshield will then be cleaned thoroughly before they place new glue down and drop the windshield into place. Once it is in place, a weather strip will be placed around it to seal it in tightly and protect it. Rear windows are done the same way. Door windows, on the other hand, require a little more work to replace. Visit Active Auto Glass Inc for more information and help concerning auto glass replacement.

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