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Deciding on Buying a Used or a New Car from South Carolina Car Dealers

Used cars vs new cars would probably never have a clear winner. It depends on your situation and choice. Here are some of the factors that you may consider while deciding on a new or a used car from South Carolina car dealers.


When you choose to buy a new car, you need a huge budget. Many manufacturers offer incentives such as rebates and discounted financing if you have good credit.

Used cars would need down payment. Although some South Carolina Car Dealers offer financing for used car as well, a used car would cost less than a new one.

If you are depending on banks for financing, loans for new cars are given a lower rate of interest than used cars as a new car would have a higher market value and would not have been hit by depreciation.

Maintenance cost of a new car would be lower. The manufacturers may also give the benefit of free service for the first year. But used cars may sometimes require repairs and constant servicing without any discounts.


The race between new and used cars also depends on how soon you need a car from a South Carolina car dealers.

A new car may sometimes require more time to market and you need to pre-book and wait. It may need some time to accommodate the customizations that you request.

Used cars may have to spend some time in the shop due to repairs. But they may be in good conditions and ready to use as well.

Proud Ownership

A used car cannot beat the zealous owner’s emotional quotient attached with a brand new car. With a new car, you get to choose the latest model with newest gizmos. The feel of a new car and that pride in owning a brand new car is unmatched.

Depending on your financial status and the reason behind buying the car, you are the best judge to choose between a used and a new car from any of the reliable South Carolina car dealers.