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If You Want A Family Sports Wagon Then You Want A New Subaru Outback

Subaru simply continues to get better, tweaking their vehicles and addressing issues in an effort to get them to the point where they are considered amongst the best vehicles in the country. The new Subaru Outback in Mokena has not been left behind; updated engines, new CVT transmission, longer body, wider body, more space for cargo and people and to top it all off, the prices have come down.


There have been a few tweaks to the sheet metal which gives the vehicle a more stylish look than in the past; the interior is where the new Outback really shines. There were comments in the past about hard plastics and outdated technology, no more. The new Outback has eliminated the hard plastics once used and greatly improved the user ergonomics; now the interior features soft surfaces, faux wood grain and metal highlights that have improved the ambiance of the interior considerably. It is fair to say that the Outback is a whole new proposition.

With the focus on the interior the results are not just limited to physical comfort, there is a reduction in noise and vibration with the use of sound deadening materials; engine noise and road noise can barely be heard, even on the roughest of roads.


The new Subaru Outback in Mokena comes standard with what Subaru have tagged as “Eye Sight” driver assist. This system has gone a long way to avoiding rear end collisions and reducing impact in other situations.

If the system thinks there is the potential of a crash, this sophisticated technology brakes the vehicle if, for example, the driver fails to pay attention. These features are on top of the fact that the Outback has a five-star safety rating.

The new Subaru Outback in Mokena is typical Subaru; well built, reliable, high quality and great price. You are invited to test drive the new Outback today at Hawk Subaru and also follow us on Twitter.