Critical Repair Tasks That Can Restore the Function of Your Transmission

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Automotive

The transmission is the most important system in your car’s engine. Without it, you could not drive your vehicle. It provides the power and control that you need to get your car moving.

When you are capable of doing some or all of the repair work yourself, you can start by stocking up on components that you need for these tasks. You can get your car back in operation by using parts like a power take-off clutch today.

Replacing the Clutch

The power take-off clutch is a part that is used on a standard transmission automobile. You have to step on the clutch in order to start the vehicle. You also have to step on it to shift gears and speed up or decelerate.

If the clutch wears out, you have no way of controlling these functions in your car. Your car would have to remain parked until you can have the clutch repaired or replaced by a professional.

You can do the repair work yourself when you buy a new or aftermarket clutch with which to replace the old one. After installing it, you can test it to make sure that it functions properly before driving the car.

Changing the Transmission Fluid

Another simple task that can make all of the difference when servicing your transmission involves changing its fluid. The fluid in your transmission allows the entire system to work properly. It prevents the gears in the transmission from grinding and jolting.

You ideally should change out the fluid every year in your vehicle. You can drain it much like you do your engine oil before refilling the reservoir.

You can find out more about servicing the transmission in your car online.

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