Buying a Pre-Owned 4WD Chevy in Lockport for Driving in Snow

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Chevrolet Dealer

Pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles have become very popular over the years, with their U.S. sales dramatically outpacing sedans and coupes. Consumers appreciate feeling safer in these larger automobiles and their usefulness for transporting belongings and materials. In northern Illinois, men and women may also want a larger vehicle that is easier to drive in snowy conditions. Buying a pre-owned Chevy in Lockport is an affordable option.

SUVs and Pickups

Whether a Chevrolet pickup truck or SUV handles better in snow depends on the particular model. SUVs have more evenly distributed weight, which can be an advantage. However, pickups weigh more on average. That’s another important factor to consider when shopping for a pre-owned Chevy in Lockport. Consumers can rely on knowledgeable sales representatives to explain why certain automobiles are preferable when driving in snow is a concern.

4WD Models

People who primarily drive in the city may not feel the need for a four-wheel drive. Those who commute or must drive on rural roads or highways for other reasons will feel safer with that type of drive train. The Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe are the two SUV options with this feature. These automobiles appeal to individuals who frequently transport several passengers. Consumers who prefer a pickup will likely be attracted to the Silverado, one of the top-selling vehicles in this country, year after year.

Men and women shopping for a pre-owned four-wheel-drive vehicle may want to check out the inventory at an area dealership. That information can be found on the website of Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet.

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