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Windshield Replacement – How to Protect New and Used Auto Glass in Chicago

A replacement windshield is not invulnerable. If you make mistakes after a technician installs it, you could face the consequences down the road.

In order to take care of a new and used auto glass in Chicago, you must follow these steps. There are two phases to this plan, and phase one begins immediately.

Phase One – The First Hour

After a new windshield is installed, its bond will need time to set. If you aggravate the adhesives that hold the windshield in place, the windshield could fall out of alignment. This is why you should wait at least an hour before you drive your vehicle following a windshield replacement.

Once an hour has passed, get in your vehicle, and inspect it. Pay close attention to the upholstery, as you may find stray shards of glass here from the previous windshield. If you find any glass in the cabin, suck it up with a powerful vac.

Phase Two – A Day After the Installation

This phase is all about precautions. There are two precautions to consider.

First, until the adhesive sets, do not put a sunshade or any other type of cover on the windshield because a fibrous material could disrupt the adhesive’s chemical bond.

Next, keep a window open until the adhesive dries. If you fail to do this, pressure will build up in the cabin, and it will put stress on the windshield.

Windshield Thrills – Affordable New and Used Auto Glass in Chicago

Glass is an essential part of a vehicle, so you must protect it. If you ever need to replace your windshield, don’t shatter your wallet. Contact Frank’s Auto Glass today and score a great deal on a windshield.