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Why A Wheel And Tire Shop Should Consider Purchasing PRW Support Programs In Wisconsin

A shop that specializes in the sale and installation of rims and tires is a niche business and running the day to day operations is often overwhelming. It is vital for a company to remain profitable while providing excellent customer service, and often increased customer services comes with a high price tag. The use of PRW Support Programs in Wisconsin is gaining popularity, due to its affordability and the extra convenience and support that is provided to a wheel and tire shop’s customer base.

Parts and Labor Warranty

Buying a new set of wheels or tires isn’t cheap, and while the idea of offering a warranty may seem far-fetched, many companies choose to enroll in a support program that extends a warranty to their customers at no extra cost. While the details of the warranty offerings may vary, most usually provide coverage for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. In addition to being an excellent selling point, it also provides consumers with peace of mind.

Roadside Assistance

Few things frustrate a customer than when their newly installed tires and wheels fail and leave them stranded on the side of the road. PRW Support Programs in Wisconsin are designed to offer help in this instance and provide roadside assistance if the newly installed items malfunction. Build customer confidence by providing roadside assistance to any customers, which helps them feel valued.

Technician Support

If a technician hits a stumbling block when completing an installation, it may cause a delay in completing a repair. While it isn’t common, there are times when the expertise of a seasoned tire and wheel professional are necessary. A support program will provide a variety of online resources to help troubleshoot common issues, and telephone support when a solution seems impossible.

Any tire and wheel shop that is looking to increase their sales numbers should contact Pioneer Wheel and Tire. Their impressive support program is an affordable way to attract customers and offer an unprecedented level of customer service and support. Visit to learn more and see how it has helped hundreds of shops increase their revenue and profits.

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