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What You Should Know About Rebuilt Transmissions in Chicago, IL

While certain parts of a car are cheaper to repair than others, parts, such as the transmission, can really break the bank. If your transmission has been giving you trouble, here are some reasons you may want to have it rebuilt.

Saves Money

Having your transmission rebuilt can cut your costs significantly as you will only be replacing the parts of the transmission that have gone bad rather than the entire transmission. When searching for rebuilt transmissions in Chicago, ask about their transmission rebuilding services and if they use new or used parts during the rebuilding process.

Faster Service

Not only does replacing the parts of a transmission save you money, but it can also save you a lot of time waiting for your car to be finished. When a new transmission has to be ordered, you are forced to wait for the repair shop to order the part, wait for it to arrive, plus have it installed. With a rebuild, your wait time can decrease, making it go from a couple of weeks to just a few days.

Before searching for new transmissions or rebuilt transmissions in Chicago, consider what would be the better option for your particular vehicle. Also, when having your transmission rebuilt, while this process can have your vehicle running at optimal condition, a rebuilt transmission is not considered new, so keep this in mind.

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