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What to Do in Case of an Auto Collision in Newport News, VA

A collision with another car or a public property fixture can leave your car in terrible shape. It can also be the cause of serious injuries to the driver or other passengers in the car. If your car has been seriously damaged in a collision, you need to think about repair work as well. Depending upon the extent of damage to your vehicle, the costs of repairs will vary accordingly. If the whole car has been seriously damaged, the repair costs will obviously be higher. In case of an auto collision, the first thing you need to do is to start looking for a local workshop that offers body repairs. The auto collision could leave your car in terrible shape, so it’s important to get repairs started as quickly as possible.

Check the Company’s Past Work

There are many companies that offer repairs in case of an auto collision in Newport News, VA. If you are willing to pay such a high sum of money for repairs, it’s important you get some sort of assurance that the car will be brought back to its original condition. You can ask the company to show you pictures of the work they have done in the past to get a better idea of whether they can skillfully repair your vehicle.


Different workshops charge different fees for repairing cars, so you should always compare quotations before giving your car away for repairs. Bruce’s Super Body Shops have been in the repair industry for quite a while, establishing a very solid reputation for offering top of the line body repair services to their customers, so you can take your car there!