Using Brake Change Services in Fort Riley KS When Brakes Fail

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Automotive

When someone finds the brakes on their vehicle are not working up to par, they may need to try alternate methods for stopping their vehicle safely. It is very important to maintain a vehicle’s brakes so a no-brake situation does not occur. At the first sign of a brake problem, the vehicle should be brought to a repair shop for brake change services in Fort Riley KS.

There are a few steps one can take in stopping a vehicle with bad brakes. They can try to use the emergency brake to stop the vehicle if the brakes are not working at all. The lever for this brake is usually located along the driver’s side floorboard beneath the dashboard. Some models will have a lever in the middle console area. When using this brake, pull the lever slowly so the vehicle does not fishtail.

If the vehicle does not slow down, the person driving can try to pump the brake pedal. There may be an air bubble in the brake fluid lines causing the brakes to not work properly. If the vehicle has a computer to monitor the brakes, push the brake down to the floor and let up on it when resistance is felt. The person can try to downshift the vehicle into a lower gear. This will usually slow the vehicle down. They can then try driving it toward the shoulder of the road in an attempt to slow it enough to come to a stop. Putting the vehicle into neutral at this time may work.

Making sure the brakes are changed regularly will ensure they are ready to stop the vehicle when needed. Failing to take care of brakes can lead to damaged rotors as well as the possibility of an accident while on the road. Taking the vehicle to a garage to do Brake Change Services in Fort Riley KS is very important when brakes are no longer working as they should.

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