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Two Audi SUVs You Must Put on Your Top 10 List

Audi produces luxury vehicles. It is a top company. Known for being innovative, it is also admired for its ability to combine speed with comfort in perfect balance. This is true for its sedans, sports vehicles and even SUVs.

Two Audis at the Top

Audi in Philadelphia manufactures a line of cars that covers a range of vehicle types. In Philadelphia, two SUVs are considered at the top of any purchaser’s list.

The Audi Q5

This is one of Audi’s top-selling SUVs. Although a family-friendly SUV, it has an adventurous side. It combines its sleek exterior lines and luxurious interior with a motor and undercarriage built to handle rugged trips. It is described as the perfect mating of utility with style.

The Audi Q7

Like the Audi Q5, the Q7 is a vehicle meant to handle the streets of Philadelphia or the rough side roads and off-roads of the backcountry. A top seller, the Q7 oozes luxury but is powered by a choice of two turbocharged engines. All this power, combined with the Quattro all-wheel drive system, delivers a smooth-as-silk ride no matter what the terrain. This is also a ride that can be entertaining and connected with its infotainment system addressing the needs of its passengers.

Audi SUVs

No matter whether you live in Philadelphia or Cleveland, Audi’s line of SUVs combines functionality with high-quality comfort to produce a ride that is civilized, yet adventurous. The Q5 and Q7 are but two in Audi’s arsenal of vehicles. They are, however, their two best sellers.