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Top Three Reasons For Brake Repairs In Lansing MI

The brakes on a vehicle are a vital component and malfunctioning brakes can be very dangerous for everyone on the road. Vehicle owners must always be aware of the performance of their brakes and take notice of any noises or unusual brake action. Read the information below to learn when vehicle owners should contact a professional service for Brake Repairs in Lansing MI.

Squealing Noise Occurs When Applying The Brakes

There are several reasons why brakes can squeal, and a certified mechanic will examine and test the brakes to determine the cause of the noise. Common repairs include resurfacing the rotor and then applying a finish, replacing the disc pads and pad shims, or lubricating the disc pads.

Vehicle Pulls To The Side When Pressing On The Brake Pedal

When drivers notice that the vehicle shifts to one side of the road when the brake pedal is pushed, this usually means that the caliper is frozen and this component will have to be replaced. Another reason this can occur is when a vehicle is damaged, and this causes the pistons to become bent. If the caliper becomes misshapen or freezes up because of insufficient lubrication or corrosion, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Steering Wheel Vibrates When The Brake Is Used

Vehicle owners who feel their steering wheel shake when they put on their brakes may think that their car is going to fall apart, but it’s actually a common brake problem. One reason is because the rotors are warped, or they have minor flaws because they got too hot. When a car isn’t driven for a long time or if water gets into the rotors, this can cause rust to form, and the surface becomes uneven. When this occurs, a mechanic who performs Brake Repairs in Lansing MI may be able to resurface the rotors or this entire part may need to be replaced.

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