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Tips On Getting The Best Car Lease Deals

Without a doubt the best place to look for great lease deals is the internet. There is very little that you would want to know that is not available somewhere. The key of course to getting the best car lease in Mokena is knowing the details of the car you want.

Residual value is key:

The first thing of importance when investigating lease deals is the residual value. The residual value is an estimate of the vehicles value at the end of the lease period. The lease amount that you pay monthly is based on the depreciation and use; any car with a high residual value will cost less to lease. As well as the residual value you should make every effort to get the price down. In many cases you will be able to negotiate a discount from the MSRP, the lower the retail price, the lower the monthly lease amount.

Set your criteria:

Do some comparison shopping, use features or price as the common denominator. If the most important criteria is price, the best starting point is the MSRP but you should dig deeper in an effort to find the dealers cost before you negotiate a deal.

What type of lease is best?

There are two types of car leases; one is “closed” while the other is “open.” A closed lease establishes the residual value at the time the lease is negotiated. An open end lease is one where the residual value is set at the end of the contract, if it is found at this time the value of the car is above market price you can expect a rebate, conversely, if it is less you will owe the leasing company. It is thought by most that the best car lease in Mokena is a closed end lease, especially if you are the type of person to care for the vehicle.

If you find that you must make a large security deposit or pay a very high rate for extra miles incurred during the lease period you may wish to look elsewhere.

If you are considering leasing a new Volkswagen you will find the best car lease in Mokena at Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet. With a minimum down payment you can lease a brand new Jetta S for less than $100 a month.