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Three Solid Tips to Effectively Store Your Vintage Car in Chicago

If you have a vintage car, it’s probably one of your prized possessions. These cars are bygone relics of a different time in manufacturing. While they were made to last, they are still older and must be properly taken care of. This generally means avoiding driving it during the brutal Chicago winters. Preparing your car for storage is one of the most important steps. The following are three things you should do before you get vintage car storage in Chicago.

1. Fill Up the Gas Tank – Make sure you fill-up the gas tank all the way before getting vintage car storage in Chicago. An empty gas tank is more likely to rust and have other issues than one filled with gas. This is because moisture can build up in the dark and empty space and wreak havoc.

2. Wrap the Wiper Blades – If you store the car for a long period of time, wrap the wiper blades. If you don’t, the rubber could settle and get stuck to the windshield. This could be hard to get off and might leave a permanent mark on the windshield.

3. Choke the Wheels – You may be tempted to put on the parking brake. This is a mistake because it could fuse to the wheel over time. Just chokes the wheels externally instead to keep your parking brake in good condition.

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