Three Financial Tools You Should Look for at the Chevrolet Dealership

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Auto Dealers

The main goal of a Chevy dealership in Plainfield is to make your purchase as easy and convenient as possible. They can do that by providing you with a variety of financial tools that can help you. Examples of helpful finance tools are:

Trade Valuation Tool

A trade valuation tool is a tool that measures the value of your trade-in vehicle. It will let you know what you can expect for your car if you give it to the dealership as part of a down payment for the car you desire.

Prequalification Form

A prequalification form is a short online form that collects some of your financial information. You can get prequalified for auto financing if you use this tool, and you can save time on your visit to the Chevy dealership in Plainfield. You can find the form on the dealership’s site. It will only take you a few minutes to complete it.

Credit Score Estimator

The credit score estimator is probably one of the most crucial tools for you to use. It can give you an estimate on what your credit score is. After you receive that estimate, you will know where you stand in terms of interest rates and loan costs. It’s advisable to order a copy of your credit report and take steps to bring your score down before you visit the dealership. That way, you can boost the possibility of getting the best deal on the lot.

You’ve chosen a great Chevy dealership in Plainfield if you come across one that has all the above tools. This kind of dealership wants to see you succeed, and the tools you have access to will accomplish that for you.

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