Things to Know About Medical Exemptions for Darker Car Window Tint in Marana

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Automotive

Arizona state laws regulate the legal darkness of car window tint in Marana and elsewhere in the state, but people with certain medical conditions can acquire a window tinting exemption that allows a darker tint. The condition must involve the individual needing to stay out of direct sunlight for health reasons. The state will grant this exemption for vehicles the person owns and vehicles he or she rides in regularly. Typically, all vehicles owned by an immediate family will be allowed to have the darker window tint. If the person relies on a friend or another relative for transport to work, that vehicle also will qualify for the exemption.

To obtain a medical exemption for darker Car Window Tint in Marana, the person must provide documentation from a physician verifying the need as well as copies of registrations for the vehicles that will have the modifications. A copy of the exemption must be in the vehicle whenever it is being used in case a law enforcement official stops the driver because of the unusually dark windows. A company that applies Car window tint may require a copy of the exemption before they begin the work. They know the relevant laws and may not be willing to do tinting that is unacceptable under Arizona statutes.

An example of a medical condition that typically qualifies for darker car window tint in Marana is the skin disorder known as vitiligo, a pigmentation disorder that is aggravated by ultraviolet light. Some people with autoimmune disorders such as lupus must avoid being in direct sunlight. A person whose eyes are exceptionally sensitive to light may qualify for the exemption, but the Department of Transportation will likely only allow this if an ophthalmologist verifies that no sunglasses can reduce this sensitivity enough for safe driving.

The doctor must note the recommended level of window tint on the documentation. For instance, some individuals may need a 50-percent level of window tint while others will only be safe with a 75-percent level. A company such as Dwight’s Auto Glass & Tint will follow the guidelines as directed on the exemption.

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