Things to Consider Before Visiting a Shop for Auto Body Paint in Austin, TX

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Automotive

Once a car has been damaged, it’s a good idea to repair it as soon as possible. Some people might consider Auto Body Paint in Austin TX as mainly a cosmetic concern, but there are actually other benefits to dealing with any chipped or scratched paint.

Importance of Auto Body Paint

When the paint is chipped or scratched, it can cause the area of the vehicle not properly covered in paint to be exposed to oxygen and water, both of which can increase the risk of rust. Rust can damage the structure of the car, gradually breaking down the metal in the vehicle. Should rust appear, it’s particularly important to get this taken care of by removing the rust and getting Auto Body Paint in Austin TX. The new paint will protect the car from damage as well as help to make it look more like new. Once painted, a top coat is usually applied to make it less likely the paint will get scratched or become faded from the sun.

Deciding Whether to Paint

Sometimes, people know they’re not planning on keeping the car for a very long time, so it’s unlikely that rust will have time to cause significant damage before they get a new car. In this case, not repainting the car can be a way to save money. Consider how much the resale value of the car is before spending a lot of money to repaint the car. Only spend what is likely to be regained by an increase in the resale value of the car. This means it makes more sense to paint the car if it’s newer rather than older, especially if the insurance company is footing the bill.

Choosing a Shop

Avoid shops that promise to repaint the car for a very low price, such as $299. This is only possible if they skimp on materials and don’t do a proper job. It costs a lot more to use quality paint, apply a primer after preparing the surface to accept new paint, and covering up any surfaces that shouldn’t get new paint.

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