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The Three Most Important Reasons to Get Oil Changes in Davenport, IA

Getting your oil changed regularly plays an important part in maintaining the good condition of your vehicle. Whether you drive a lot of miles on the highway or stay on the roads around your neighborhood, your oil needs to be changed to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Look at three reasons why changing the oil is so important.

Cools the Engine

The oil in your car serves to cool the engine. There are a lot of moving parts in your car’s engine which create friction. If the engine is not properly lubricated with oil, those parts can become overheated.

Prevents Wear and Tear on the Engine

When you get regular oil changes in Davenport, IA, you are preventing wear and tear on your car’s engine. Oil cleans a car’s engine preventing sludge and dirt from getting into its various components. Dirt and debris can make a car’s engine less efficient. So, getting new, clean oil on a regular basis keeps the dirt and sludge from harming your engine.

Improves Your Mileage

When your engine gets a regular supply of clean oil, it allows all of the parts of an engine to move efficiently. When it works efficiently, an engine consumes a reasonable amount of fuel. This leads to improved mileage for your car. So, when you get regular oil changes in Davenport, IA, you’re helping to keep your fuel budget under control.

Lastly, keeping track of your car’s oil changes on your calendar at home or storing a small booklet in your glove compartment for recording oil changes can help you to keep current with this important aspect of car maintenance.

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