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The Subaru WRX in Newark, NJ Could Be a Solid Performance Vehicle

For those who are looking for a vehicle that offers more power and performance in an easy to drive car, the Subaru WRX in Newark, NJ, could be the best choice. This car is designed to be a sports sedan, and it gives drivers that and much more. Take this vehicle on a test drive to really see the power it has to offer.

What Does It Feature?

The Subaru WRX in Newark, NJ, provides a strong engine with a four-cylinder design and a six speed transmission as the base option. You can upgrade from there. This vehicle gets up to 268 horsepower at 5600 RPMs. It still gets good fuel economy as well as 21 city and 27 highway miles per gallon. It drives well with good steering and a solid frame for some off road fun.

The vehicle comes with nice features such as a turborcharged engine option and all wheel drive. You will find it is roomy inside with ample leg and shoulder room. When you add to that the exterior styling and numerous optional upgrades, including a wide range of technological advancements, this could be the right vehicle for your needs.

To find out, you need to visit a local dealership to learn more about the latest models. The Subaru WRX in Newark, NJ, could be an exceptional option for those who want a good looking and solid functioning vehicle with an impressive look to it as well.