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The Purpose of an Oil Change in Wilkes Barre PA

A vehicle has become a necessity for many people. It is important to keep a vehicle in good working order so that it can provide transportation to the various places people need to go to live a productive life. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep a car running properly.

Not only should a vehicle be taken to a mechanic when a problem arises, but also for scheduled maintenance tasks as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. The most important of these tasks is the Oil Change in Wilkes Barre PA.

What Does Oil Do?

Motor oil is necessary for all engines in vehicles. It provides lubrication for all the moving parts inside an engine. It also provides a method for cooling these moving parts.

Many of these parts can move at very high rates of speed and can create a lot of friction and heat during the running of a vehicle. Motor oil keeps these parts working properly and running smoothly to allow the engine to continue to perform as intended.

When is it Time to Change the Oil?

An Oil Change in Wilkes Barre PA is usually done every 3,000 miles the car has been driven, or every three months, whichever comes first. Some vehicle manufacturers have different time frames for these changes.

The oil in a vehicle should also be checked at regular intervals to ensure proper levels. This is often recommended to be performed at every gas fill up. Low levels can be a sign of an issue, such as an oil leak.

What Happens if the Oil is Low or Not Changed?

Oil needs to be changed to ensure it stays clean and clear. Debris can accumulate in the oil and cause damage to the intricate workings of the engine. Burnt oil can also be less effective in lubricating the parts.

If the oil gets too low or runs out of the engine, due to a leak or other problem, it can cause serious damage to the engine. Without this lubricant, the moving parts of the engine can get hot and rub together. This can cause the parts to become damaged or even seize up preventing the engine from working at all.

Regular oil changes and other recommended services can be performed at the proper intervals at most service stations. Contact T & F Tire Supply Company Inc. to schedule these services to keep a vehicle running properly for its entire lifetime.

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