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The Most Common Issue That Requires Cluster Repairs In Tucson AZ

The gauges of a vehicle’s instrument panel help provide real-time feedback to the driver in regards to the mechanical status of the car and track mileage statistics. While most will last for the life of the car without needing to be replaced, some issues will require Cluster Repairs in Tucson AZ. Many people try to fix problems with a vehicle’s dashboard on their own, and this can lead to difficulties with the car’s computer system. Prevent even further expense by letting a professional replace any cluster panels that aren’t working due to the following problems.

Cable Failure

The gauges on a cluster panel are controlled by a series of wires that transfer information from the vehicle’s computer system to the visible display on the dash. If the cable that connects to the dashboard becomes damaged or severed, it can cause the connection to fail and lead to inaccurate cluster readings. A mechanic will be able to replace the cable and ensure the computer system and vehicle components are communicating properly.

Tire Replacement

Sensors in the wheel drum of a vehicle help provide accurate speedometer readings and accurately track mileage. If these sensors become damaged or are moved during a tire replacement, then it can prevent the instrument panel from displaying an accurate mileage reading. In some cases, a technician can realign the sensors, but other issues require them to be replaced to restore operation.

Computer Malfunction

One of the most common problems that lead to the need for Cluster Repairs in Tucson AZ is a faulty computer control board. If this control board shorts out or is subject to physical damage, it can prevent the dashboards from working, and sometimes results in a vehicle that won’t start. While this isn’t a common issue, it is one that must be addressed by a technician, especially if the computer module controls the vehicle’s theft deterrent components.

While living with faulty dash lights can be frustrating, getting it fixed can be easy. Contact the dash and cluster experts at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach. They carry a wide line of products and can help repair the most common causes of faulty dash lights. Check out their website and learn more about the services and products they provide.

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