The Ideal Buyer For A New Audi RS For Sale

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Car Dealership

Most car drivers in and around Philadelphia have a favorite make and model of vehicle. However, that does not mean that their dream car is practical or a good match for their current driving needs.

Luxury Meets Sporty Vehicle

Choosing a vehicle is about the wants of the buyer, but it also includes the specific features and options the vehicle offers. For many car buyers in Philadelphia, the ideal vehicle for their needs is the new Audi RS for sale.

The RS is Audi’s version of a compact luxury sedan. However, it is sporty looking and offers some very practical features and standard equipment that make it an exceptional family vehicle as well as a car to take out on the highway and enjoy the drive.

The RS Features

The distinctive look of the new Audi RS for sale Philadelphia makes it easy to spot on the dealership lot or on the road. It comes with a five-cylinder engine, which is unusual in the automotive industry. In addition, it boasts a seven-speed automatic transmission that feels more like a performance engine, and it comes with standard all-wheel drive. This makes the RS a perfect year-round vehicle in the Philadelphia area.

The cabin is more on the sporty side in visual presentation, with every feature having that luxurious touch. It is beautifully appointed and designed, offering the technology and safety-features drivers have come to expect with the Audi line. The Audi RS for sale offers exceptional standard technology, including WiFi hotspot, navigation, and wireless charging, making it an outstanding technology choice.

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