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The Design Of The 2024 Land Rover Discovery

One of the hallmarks of top vehicles in any class is a commitment to providing a quality driving experience. The Land Rover Discovery in Philadelphia is a great example of a family-friendly SUV that offers new design features and options that make it stand out in the midst of other three-row SUVs.

The Land Rover Discovery offers car buyers in Philadelphia the ability to own a stylish SUV that is designed for and capable of serious off-roading. It offers skid plates, an adjustable air suspension, and a two-speed transfer case to be able to traverse rocky and rough ground that would stop other three-row SUVs.

Model Options

Like most Land Rover models, the Discovery gives buyers multiple options, from the base P300 S to the premium P360 Metropolitan Edition. Buyers can also customize their Discovery with different packages that add interior and exterior features and options.

All models include a luxurious interior, with lots of storage space and cargo room. Even the second-row seats offer reclining adjustment options, while the driver’s seat comes with the option to include massage, heat, and power adjustment.


Everyone will appreciate the convenience, intuitive design, and features of the Pivi Pro infotainment system, which is found in many new Land Rover models. This includes a Wi-Fi hotspot and the option for traffic and weather updates. With rear seat tablet accessories and up to nine USB ports, everyone can plug in and enjoy their own entertainment, which is ideal for family trips and long drives.

Families in Philadelphia will also appreciate the number of driver-assist and safety features that come standard or can be added as part of an optional package.