The Air Is Gone and the Vehicle Needs Car Tire Repair in Arizona

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Auto Parts

A road trip to the Phoenix metro area is a lot of fun for people who enjoy traveling by car and staying in hotels along the way. Everything is relaxing until the telltale sound of a flat tire as they drive down a busy street in Mesa, looking for a Mexican restaurant a friend back home recommended. Fast and affordable car tire repair in Arizona is available from reliable garages.

Minimizing Damage After a Flat

This particular couple fortunately, was near an automotive repair shop when this happened. They also were able to pull into a parking place without having to drive very far on the tire, which helps minimize damage. Drivers are advised to pull over immediately when they realize a tire has gone flat, but it can be difficult to do this safely, or at all, depending on the traffic situation.

Evaluating the Tire in Various Aspects

A mechanic at the garage providing service for car tire repair in Arizona evaluates the tire for the amount of wear and any damage that occurred while driving with the flat tire. The technician also investigates what caused the tire to lose air. Repair work should be possible as long as the tire still has sufficient tread, did not travel far without air, and become flat due to a puncture from a nail or similar object.

When Repair Is Not Recommended or Impossible

If a tire is very worn and the tread is too thin, automotive technicians are not supposed to fix the flat. Punctures larger than 1/4-inch in diameter also may not be repairable. Sidewall punctures cannot be repaired either.

Back on the Road

Punctures from nails, screws, and other sharp objects are the most common causes of flat tires, whether the air leaks out slowly or quickly. The technician with a garage like Business Name removes the object, plugs the hole, and then refills the tire to the proper amount of air. The visitors to the Phoenix area pay their bill and are on their way. Visit us at the website to learn more about this particular automotive garage.

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