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Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships Adverse Weather Safety Driving Tips

Driving under severe weather conditions has its unique challenges that every driver must face. Being extra mindful of the road ahead is a given, though there are still few safety precautions to remember. That’s why Southern Oregon Subaru dealerships have released a compilation of safety driving precautions for drivers who have no choice but to drive during adverse weather conditions.

Basic Driving Precautions

Of course, it goes without saying that you should put off driving in cases of bad weather. But if you really cannot avoid going out, then you must know how to plan ahead. Know the alternative routes and have a map with you at all times to help you navigate in case of low visibility.

Subaru dealerships near Klamath Falls, OR also advise that you should pack an emergency kit (containing a flashlight, jumper cables, snack bars, and the like) to give you peace of mind as you go out. Moreover, make sure that your brakes, wipers, headlights, tail lights, and tires are all in good working condition before you venture out on the road.

Buckle up for safety and tune your radio to the local weather and traffic updates in your area.

Tips for driving during rainy days

If you’re driving through the rain, drive slowly to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning (or tires losing contact on the road). A good rule of thumb is to decrease your speed by a third. For example, if you normally drive at 65mph, you should slow down to 43 mph under wet conditions.

Avoid driving through flooded roadways or areas, or you might end up with a stalled car because it will be hard to gauge how deep the water is. Your best bet is to find an alternative route instead.

Tips for driving on ice or snow

Drive 10 miles below the speed limit, avoid tailgating, and drive slowly to keep your car from skidding off the road. Also step on the brake slowly, as sudden stops can cause you to lose control of the steering wheel.

Tips for driving under foggy conditions

Unless it’s an emergency, it really isn’t advisable to drive under foggy conditions due to low visibility. Even expert drivers find it difficult to navigate through fog despite having the fog lights on. Plus, other drivers might find it hard to see you unless you pump the brake lights every now and then. The best you can do is pull over and wait for the fog to lift and the visibility to improve.

Tips for driving in high winds

Some cars are not meant to be driven in high winds (i.e. SUVs, vans) since they have a higher center of gravity and are more susceptible to rolling over. If you are driving a smaller car, watch out for flying debris and bigger cars rolling over.

In case of a tornado, get out of your car immediately and find the nearest shelter. If you can’t find a safe shelter nearby, lie low in a ditch face down, and cover your head and neck with your hands.

For more safety driving tips, Check out Klamath Falls Subaru.