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Should You Use the AC in Your Car Rental in Covington, LA in Winter?

It’s cold outside, so let’s turn the air conditioning on. While it sounds ridiculous, there’s a rational explanation for it. You’d know this if you’ve been driving for a while, whether in your own vehicle or a car rental from Covington, LA. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about automotive air conditioning that are confusing many first-time car owners. As a result, they fail to make the best use of their cars’ AC. Below are some facts about car AC every owner should know.

Increased visibility

When warm air touches a cold surface, moisture condenses and turns into tiny dews or fog. Turning on the AC while it’s cold outside removes the moisture from the air, the very thing that causes fogging. Also, if you warm a snow-covered windshield from the inside and the heat you apply is overwhelmed by the cold outside, the melted snow will freeze and turn into ice. But if the temperature inside the car’s cabin is not too warm, ice formation will be prevented.

Maintains circulation

Your car’s AC system is a complex and complete system that pressurizes, condenses, and vaporizes refrigerant. And in the process, heat is absorbed and released under the hood and the cabin. This repetitive distribution of heat helps keep oil viscosity in check. As a result, operating your AC prevents your windshield from icing and fogging, allowing oil to circulate through the system and extending its working life.

Makes the cabin heat up faster

Heating your cabin takes longer when it’s freezing outside. Sometimes, you’re already miles away from where your vehicle started, but it’s still chilly inside. One way to speed up the heating is to start driving with the cabin temperature cold and the fan off. Then after about six to ten minutes, switch on the heating and the fan, and you’ll notice the temperature soaring quickly.

Dries the air with heat

Humidity and moisture are among the things you don’t want inside your car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That’s why you turn on the AC to suck them out and leave you with dry, fresh indoor air. But, it also risks thickening the fluids circulating in your car’s mechanical and electronic systems. One way to dry out your cabin’s air while keeping the vehicle lubricated is to turn on the AC and the heater simultaneously. It also helps your body transition smoothly and safely to a warm temperature after staying outside for a while.

Defrosters need cold help

Turning on the AC and defrosters simultaneously helps clear fog or condensation from the windshield and improves driving visibility. The AC helps dry out the air inside the car, while the defrosters remove any moisture on the windshield. Additionally, the AC can cool down the inside of the vehicle, reducing the chance of the windows fogging up again.

Understanding the role of your car’s AC allows you to maximize its function, especially during winter. Most drivers who don’t know how to deal with their foggy and icy windshields put themselves in harm’s way all the time. With this knowledge, they can stay safe on the road and drive more comfortably during the cold months. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.