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The Process Involved With Auto Speedometer Repair In Arizona

The speedometer of a vehicle is one of the most critical elements of a gauge cluster, as it allows the driver to determine their speed so they can drive according to any posted limits and prevent a ticket or a serious accident. If it stops working, it may require Auto Speedometer Repair in Arizona to restore it to normal operation so that it provides reliable information to the driver. The following is a quick look at the process involved with repairing or replacing a speedometer.

Dash Removal

The first step is one of the most daunting, as it requires the complete removal of the dash. Most are held in place with screws that are located on the underside of the dash cover, and can usually be removed using a standard or Phillips screwdriver. Once the dash is removed, the gauge cluster can be accessed and should be disconnected from the vehicle so the speedometer can be reached for the needed repairs.

Gauge Cluster Repair

The next step is to disassemble the gauge that needs to be fixed. It is a good idea to clean the gauge components with compressed air to remove any contaminants and then it should be inspected for any signs of damage that could be causing the gauge to fail. Most gauges can be removed with a few screws, and the new component can then be seated in the cluster and secured in place.


After completing Auto Speedometer Repair in Arizona be sure to reattach the gauge cluster to the dash. The dash panel should then be positioned back in place and connected to the vehicle using the screws that were removed during the first step. Once all of the components are back in place, start the car and test the gauge to ensure it is working as intended.

It may seem like an overwhelming process, but replacing a cluster gauge can save money and restore the safe operation of a vehicle. The team at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach offers gauges for nearly every make and model of vehicle and can help anyone determine the cause of a gauge cluster issue. Stop by their store today and take the first step in keeping any vehicle gauges operating correctly and reliably.