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Potentially Life-Saving Items You Should Always Have in Your Car

Hopefully, the time between your visits to your used car dealer in Berwyn includes no emergencies. However, if you do ever find yourself in an emergency while you’re traveling, it’s important to be as prepared as you can. To help you prepare for the unexpected, then, here are a few items you should always have in your vehicle.

Emergency Escape Tool

This piece of equipment is just as essential as the steering wheel and the brake pedal. If you ever find yourself unable to escape your vehicle, this tool could be the difference between life and death. Equipped with a sharp blade to cut through your seatbelt and a small hammer to break your window, this tool is crucial to help you and your passengers escape to safety. This is especially true in emergencies involving water. This happens when the force of the water could make it impossible to escape using any other means.


Though there are very few locations that are out of reach of a cell phone, you may find yourself in an emergency and realize that your cell phone battery is already dead. If you are going to be stranded for a while, then, it’s important to have emergency food and water supplies to sustain you while you wait for help to arrive. To maintain this food supply, keep it in a location that’s hard to access from the driver’s seat. This will help prevent you from raiding your emergency stash when the only “emergency” is that you didn’t have time for breakfast.


During winter driving, you may find yourself stranded with no way to run your vehicle to keep warm. To prepare for those situations, it’s important to have a couple of thick blankets in your vehicle that you and your passengers can use to retain your body heat. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have some hand warmers or other sources of heat available to ensure you’re able to quickly warm up if you need to work at a task to help arrange your rescue.

Another way to avoid emergencies is to have a dependable and safe vehicle. For a used car dealer in Berwyn that you can trust, contact the sales experts of Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep today.