Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing From RV Dealers in Des Moines

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Automotive

People who love to travel have a number of different options. Those that frequently take driving vacations may want to think about checking out the options available from RV dealers in Des Moines. Traveling by RV may be more convenient or less expensive for some families than staying in motels or hotels. Taking a few things into consideration will help you decide if this is the case for your family.

Lower Nightly Fees

A camping fee for parking the RV typically ranges from around $10 to $40 per night, which is much cheaper than the cost of renting a hotel or motel room in many locations. This can add up to significant savings over the course of a longer trip, especially if you have a larger family and would otherwise need to rent two hotel rooms per night.

No Need to Eat Out

Because an RV has kitchen facilities, there’s no need to eat out all three meals of the day. Perhaps your family will still want to eat out some of the time, but being able to purchase groceries and make meals yourself can add to the savings of traveling by RV.

Gas Considerations

The main drawback of traveling by RV is that the fuel will be a lot more expensive. These are not very fuel-efficient, with the best options perhaps getting about 15 miles per gallon. However, the other savings often make up for this. The professionals at RV dealers in Des Moines can help you find the most fuel-efficient choices.

Other Considerations

It can be difficult for some people to drive such a large vehicle, so be sure to try it out before you purchase one. Better yet, rent an RV for a weekend trip to get a better idea of how well this type of travel suits you. Travel to larger cities isn’t as RV-friendly as travel to smaller towns, as it’s more crowded and harder to find a place to park the RV. Keep in mind that RV travel isn’t carefree. You’ll need to purchase and prepare food, hook up the RV to the facilities provided, and empty sewage holding tanks. Some people prefer a more carefree option of having someone else do all the cooking and cleaning for them.

Contact Imperial RV Center for more information. They can help you decide which of the many available types of RVs might be right for you.

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