Popular Vehicle Features at a Ford Used Car Dealership in Oak Ridge, TN

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Ford Dealer

Most people in the market for a used car look for a lot of the same features. Some of those features include good gas mileage, adequate trunk space and a low number of miles. But, there are other popular features many used car shoppers look for when browsing an inventory. Discover a few of those popular features.

Heated Seats

Heated seats are not a necessary in a used car, but they are nice to have. Some people shopping for a used car like the idea of climbing into their car on a cold morning and having the seat warm up right away.

Glowing Cup Holders

Glowing cup holders are a favorite feature for people shopping at the Ford Used Car Dealership in Oak Ridge, TN. These cup holders glow at night so the driver and the person in the passenger seat know exactly where to put their cups when it’s dark. This practical feature helps to prevent spills from happening while enjoying a beverage on an evening car ride.

A Backup Camera

This popular feature also serves as a safety precaution especially for people who live in hilly areas and may not have a clear view when pulling out of their driveway. Also, this camera can help to prevent fender benders in the grocery store parking lot and elsewhere around town.

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