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Make Your Car as Good as New at Auto Body Shop Berryville VA

Automobile accidents happen. No matter how cautious and skilled a vehicle operator is an accident can happen at any time. It could be a result of mechanical failure, a momentary lapse in concentration or swerving to avoid a road hazard. Even defensive drivers cannot always steer clear of the path of careless or out of control vehicles. All too often collisions occur.

The aftermath of an automobile accident can be chaotic. After caring for any wounded persons, exchanging insurance information with other parties involved and furnishing information to law enforcement personnel the problem of what to do with the vehicles involved is left. Inoperable vehicles must be towed to a repair center that performs collision and body work repair and services.

Most vehicle owners do not know where their car should be towed, particularly when the accident occurs away from home. Frequently the wrecker operator is asked to recommend a business. Insurance companies are often queried as to where a car should be taken as well. In Berryville VA the CARSTAR Patriot Collision Center is one of the recommended locations for repair and body work. CARSTAR is a nation-wide company of repair shops that works with all insurance companies and has franchises across most states.

An Auto Body Shop Berryville VA will inspect the vehicle to determine the extent of damage and will coordinate with the insurance representative to ensure that the inspection is complete. A written estimate will be prepared and delivered to the owner and the insurance company before any repairs begin. Unless the car is declared a total loss work can commence as soon as the owner and insurance company both accept the estimate and agree to the needed level of service.

Certified mechanics and certified replacement parts are standard at Auto Body Shop Berryville VA. Whether to use OEM, OEM re-manufactured, or after-market parts is a decision that should be discussed and agreed to by all parties involved before work begins as well. Some insurance companies’ policies dictate the type parts to be used. The final price for parts can be considerably different depending upon which replacement parts are installed.

Body work and painting are important parts of the process as well. Before accepting sign-off by the insurance company, the owner must be satisfied that the work is satisfactory externally as well as under the hood. As good as new is not a phrase – it’s a condition.

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